Aug 10, 2005

HR, 39

Jasper, Scout and Toothless followed Dorian's lead and bolted from the field.

Hell, still unable to untangle himself from the wires felt the full force of the birds' attack. He writhed about violently, knocking the wind from several would-be opponents. With a thundering series of barks and snarls, he sought to scare off the weaker-minded birds.

Peg was undeterred. Again and again she dove within a wing's breadth of Hell's gnashing teeth, to peck and scratch at his sensitive ears and cheeks. Hell became more and more enraged, foaming at the mouth in his fury.

Ignoring Peg's attacks for a moment, Hell twisted his barrel-like neck towards his hindlegs, which were coiled in copper wire. With a powerful tug from his jaw, he snapped the wires like old thread and sprang to his feet. Peg had just begun her dive, and desperately spun away as she saw white teeth rising up to her. Hell came away with a mouth full of feathers.

Behind him the General, fighting off a crow, shouted for Hell to aid him in destroying the bright light. Hell ignored the voice, spitting out feathers. Peg the pigeon was now in retreat and Hell gave chase. Hopping a few paces on her one leg, and flying awkwardly for a few feet was Peg, maintaining a short distance from Hell's eager jaws. Soon she was off the field and out of sight, and Hell followed without so much as a look back.

The General set himself into a barking rage at the disappearance of his Pack.

"No more games!" he roared. Ignoring bird pecks and mouse bites, he pressed on, pushing through wires and towards the painful light. The distance closed quickly and he thrashed the makeshift mirror with his paw. The animals around him scattered for cover. The General could scarcely see: light-spots still blocked his vision. He saw a form trying to make its way out from under the cardboard of the mirror. With cat-like agility, he brought his paw down on its tail setting it squealing in panic. Squinting at it, he thought it might be Harlequin the chipmunk.

"If it isn't the chipmunk who spoke so boldly? Tell me: is this how you killed Attila?" The General laughed. The creature could only manage frightened whimpers in response.

"You're fight's with me General," came the distinctive voice of Harlequin, a few yards ahead.

The General squinted at the source of the voice and made out to blurry figures. He released the creature under his paw, a mouse, and proceeded towards them with a growl.

Harlequin stood by his spoon catapult, lighter in hand. Hubert, recently escaped from the wires, held the bowl down, and panted anxiously as the General drew nearer.

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