May 10, 2005

When the world's well-being is at stake, it's not good to be stuck in a mean uncle's boarding house in the middle of the most insignificant place in the world.

Little does Threyan know that the Naggarin is probably the most significant place in the world. The Naggarin is the only thing keeping Chaenel and Borabarak amongst the leaders in world power. Everything grows there, and it grows in abundance.

You see, neither Chaenel nor Borabarak are great centers of technology or natural resources. The only significantly marketable asset to their names is the military of each. But few Elamite lords would allow their men to mercenary.

Yes, the fruits of the Naggarin are the bastion of the Elamite empire, and keep it's traditions, religion and political power strong. Without them, it would surely fall.

It is this piece of knowledge that has taken up an inordinate amount of the brain activity of all the major powers. Chaenel maintains a strong border patrol based in Brigton. Brigton troops monitor traffic across the Bridge, the most important link of the Elamite empire, and the first step in any easterner's journey to the Naggarin. Chaenel's own troops patrol the Baden southeast of Tulanel, epsecially as relations between Chaenel and Tulanel have deteriorated immensely in the past decade. The Baden is also strengthened by the presence of the Drashans, staunch military allies of Chaenel, in Adharkon The far western route into the Naggarin is protected by Chaenel's sister city Elgorn, specifically by Lord Eckebon's reknowned Kiskom Guard.

The boras are not capable of helping out much. The Hason House possesses the most feared corps of knights of the civilized world, but it is small in number and stretched thin, due to constant attack from Hurang on all sides of Borabarak. As strong as the border patrol is on the Bridge, they need not help much.

The weak link in this defensive chain is the relatively free passage of Hurang slave traders across the Bridge. Chaenel troops refuse slave passage south of Tulanel, but this ceases to be enforced west of Tulanel, as Chaenel troops aren't able to patrol extensively there.