Jan 19, 2008

Ron Paul-ism

I may stealing from Pieter (Friedrich) to pay (Ron) Paul a compliment, but I'm going to anyway. Paul does the world a service by demonstrating that integrity can and shoukd be a wide and sturdy plank for any campaign platform.

I'm a surly critic by nature, so I discovered this with some reticence. I hadn't discovered this Ron Paul guy and I certainly didn't want to jump on the bandwagon late, so I've been trying to feed my ignorant skepticism with meaty question marks about the man. Once obtained, I could lord my knowledge over the frenzied Ron Paul supporters until they broke down, at which point I would comfort them with a wet blanket.

But Ron has too much integrity to make this an easy task. Basic moral integrity is something a few other candidates in the race can claim to, but none can boast of the immense doctrinal integrity Paul has shown over his many years of Congressional service. If there's an issue he's making a fuss about in a debate, you can be darn sure he's been making the same fuss for the last 30 years, by word and action.

In keeping with my curmudgeonly ways, I'm much more interested in pursuing a few more potential chinks in Paul's armor than ceding him my vote. For now let him be a proud man to have earned my praise.