Dec 30, 2006

Can't ever get enough

Writing is a craft. Must put my feet to the plow. That last sentence doesn't sound write. I think I've been away too long.

I've been pretty cynical about most forms of art. I'm inclined to poke at most artistic offerings, in hope (or despair?) that the piece in question will cave under the pressure and disintegrate into devilish foolishness or spring out, jack-in-the-box!, a moronic, drooling noise-maker.

A little more practice here, a little time in the Word there, a lot of prayer over there, and some reading behind that corner, and a masterpiece should gently slip out. Anyone can do it right?

Or is my skill finding fault and tearing, rendering me useless in telling a new story, or in the scientific field, doing new research?

Slipping away... Spear that thing before it's lost down the the storm drain.