Feb 23, 2005

Space Opera

Space Opera (the Adventures of Max Blast)
Goal of story: to have fun with some of my more far-fetched sci-fi stuff.
Cast of Characters

Max Blast, galactic scallywag
Maxtor, his loyal vessel
Boris Mandango, owner of Zootech
Felix Mandango, his son and heir
Tilio, evil bounty hunter
More to come

Max Blast is embroiled in the disputes of the meteor barons when he unwittingly picks up the incognito Felix Mandango, heir to the massive Zootech Corporation.

That part of space was empty but for one dingy, albeit harmless-looking bar and breakfast. The bright neon sign that was one of the staples of such places read in crackling orange: “Bob’s Bar N’ Breakfast”. Beneath that, in green and purple: “CHEAP SPACE BATHS” and “ETHNIC FOOD.”

Max Blast brought his ship to a sleepy halt and scratched at his stubbly chin thoughtfully. He sniffed at his armpit and grimaced.

“I guess we can rest here awhile, eh boy?” He tapped the ship’s control board questioningly. The ship’s computer whirred and groaned a few moments, finally projecting the image of a dog onto the screen just above the control board. The dog, a long brown sort of wiener dog, yipped in the affirmative.

The ship banked gracefully and headed towards the bar and breakfast.

Feb 15, 2005

A test

The Garbage Man Cometh