Jun 2, 2006

Edward Teach, mysterious fellow.

I had him at Cambridge. Rather shy. Not an outstanding pupil, but curious enough. Absent-minded, I remember thinking of him, but not the idle sort that frequented my classroom. That mind was always somewhere specific. I wasn't surprised when I heard he left for a sea voyage.

Ed, yeah. Nice enough fella. A bit of a drunk on Sunday afternoons. He'd rear himself up and holler all sorts of fancy philosophy at me. I just tried to say 'yessir' to everything but that got him right mad and he got to more drinking. Had a few friends, lowlifes if you ask me. A cripple, and some soldiers... oh, and that preacher. Strange bunch. Talked up storms.

Ohh, Ed. Sweet man, sweet man. Those eyes! Softest brown you'd ever seen, but so fiery too. You always could count on a lark and a laugh in his company. Not that he was without his faults. Such a man for spirits, and so moody, like a woman, he was.

Excellent seaman. Really took pride in his work. A steady hand, even green.