Aug 4, 2005

HR, 33

The various inhabitants ran or flew to see what had produced the fireball. Some concerned murmurs made their way through the ranks.

"What you've just seen," boomed Harlequin, "is just an example of what sort of hell we can loose on the Pack should they choose to be disagreeable. This," he pointed at his new contraption, "is our secret weapon. Hopefully, we won't need to use it, but should the need arise, they will know we have fire on our side. Humboldt and my friend the squirrel, won't you give us a report."

Humboldt stepped forward and gestured at the mice behind him. With a great deal of squeaking and heaving the brought their cardboard slap over and tipped it to make its surface visible. A bright flash of white light made the animals look away. The surface of the cardboard was covered with mirror shards, flashy aluminum foil and gum wrappers that reflected the sun. The mice quickly pointed it away to spare their audience.

"This will render the pack blind if they choose to be hostile," explained Harlequin, blinking and rubbing his eyes. "And that's where the squirrel come in."

"We've done everything you said," piped the old squirrel. "Wires set up all over the north side of the field. Any beast that isn't paying careful attention won't be able to move a paw's length without tripping up and getting tangled."

Hubert had been digesting all this information in thoughtful silence; he sniffed deeply and spoke up.

"This is an excellent plan Harlequin, I must admit. However, you have forgotten a dog's most powerful sense: his smell. If you take away a dog's eyes and paws, he'll still hunt you down with his nose."

Harlequin nodded. "Sage advice, Hubert. I thank you for it. Humboldt, did you run across any terrible smells in those dumpsters you were rummaging through?"

Humboldt whistled in the affirmative.

"Take your crew and fetch the worst of it then. And be quick about it, we haven't much time left!"

Humboldt and his mice scampered away into the alley. As soon as he had left, Harlequin began to assign battle positions when Sergei rawkously flapped his way into their midst.

"The little dogs are approaching. The General is not far behind. Is time to stop them now, before they get closer."

Harlequin battled back the nervous twitch of a whisker. "The moment of truth, friends. Pegasus, Hubert, Homeless: to me!"

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