Jul 19, 2005

HR, 17

"I'd like to hear more of your encounter with Attila," said Hubert ever so slowly.

Though Hubert was a dog and therefore a predator, Harlequin felt safe in his presence. Such was his trust that he freely mentioned food in his presence, normally a mistake when talking to a carnivore.

"Shall we go to the spot where I met him? There's some excellent Chinese food there, if you want to eat and talk." Hubert nodded. The crows declined and flew off, probably to tell the news to their fellows at the rookery. Harlequin trotted southwards towards the alley, with Hubert following lazily. The long grass fell in great clumps under his baggy paws.

"I'm afraid I wasn't perfectly honest with your friend Dorian," Harlequin continued. "You see, I did have something of a scrap with Attila, and this is his claw. But I don't know exactly what became of him, and I know it wasn't my doing."

They arrived at the alley and Harlequin found it just as he'd left it. He acted out his adventure with Attila. He played both parts and did a great deal of roaring and hissing, to go along with chasing and lunging around a bit. He reached the end and stopped suddenly.

"There was a voice I heard, just before the door swung open and brained me. I don't remember exactly what it said."

Hubert sat down heavily and rested his heavy gaze on the door to the restaurant.

"Hmmmmmmm," he rumbled thoughtfully, digesting the information. "A human must have opened the door. It would do us well to get to the bottom of this. Mustn't let a cat like Attila out of sight. Dangerous beast, indeed."

"Do you think we should talk to the humans inside?" asked Harlequin impulsively. "I can speak English."

"Hmmmmmm. No, I don't think that would be... hmmmmm. No, it's best to let humans talk to humans. The natural order of things..."

Harlequin stewed for a bit and than slapped his side suddenly. "I've got it! Homeless Tony! If we can get him his alcohol, maybe he'll help us find out what happened."

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