Sep 4, 2003

Unholy Starbucks

I've hated Starbucks for quite a while. Not because they don't serve coffee, but more because they serve good coffee, but because they demand a stupid amount of mula (or moo-lah, I don't know how to spell it) for their good coffee. That and the whole image associated with Starbucks: it's not just good, it's STARBUCKS, the coffee with-it, yuppie types drink. I can't stand the whole idea.
Starbucks is just a way to intro into Hebrews again, after my horrible puns a few blogs ago. Let's cut to the chase and get right into Today's topic:
God's wrath: it's a tough topic to ponder. My friend, Pieter Friedrich wrote an article about God hating sin and got a lot of angry feedback from a lot of people. The idea of God hating something is sometimes terrible, because you can start imagining Him feeling hatred towards you, or towards people you care about. Hatred from God undermines everything you could have: He is the be all and end all, the only hope for each one of us. There are several verses in the second half of Hebrews 10 that get my brain to imagining those kind of things, which then can get me to start freaking out.
There is an idea that has really stabilized my thoughts on this though: God's goodness. Trust I guess you could call it but it allows me to read what I don't understand and know it's just perfect, because it's God I'm reading about. Unfortunately, as the stability in my mind came in, my consuming interest in finding a good explanation for Hebrews 10 trailed off. That's why it's taken me this long to get back on the topic.
Unfortunately I have to go, but I'll edit on some new stuff latah.

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