Aug 19, 2003

The real is better than the imagined.

Buenos dias, bonjour, guten tag, jambo, heydo (or whatever it is in swedish), and hello. It's a good day today, worth celebrating with an entry in my blog.

Today's subject: just look at the title.

The real is better than the imagined, huh? Sounds like some more philosophy, which actually isn't in my blog description. I'm sorry, I'm not feeling the love for either politics, my stories or even the Celtics right now, so they're going to have to simmer on the backburner for now. As for topic #1, God's in everything so I don't really have to worry about that: it's impossible not to talk about Him. So, the Garbage Man returns...
Bla bla bla, who gives a rip about philosophy anyways. I'll try to do it without the high and mighty intellectual air. Here's the idea: fantasy is free, but the real thing is worth fighting for. Very simple, very obvious, but completely impractical. I'll put it on a motivational poster.
Practical (or maybe impractical) examples:
1. You (when I say you I'm generally talking about myself) meet a girl, you start wondering, "Is she El Uno, L'Un, Der Ein, The One?" You weigh the pros and cons, you contrast her with all the other girls in your life, and pretty soon, instead of just a girl, you've got this... um... (words are failing me (as they never should a writer, but my words are stubborn and rebellious children who are reluctant to come when called))... vast constellation of hopes, fears and expectations hovering over the girl whenever you talk to her, or even think of her. I hate that!
2. You've got a Looming Obstacle (L.O., for I to abbreviate stuff): some dreaded event, relationship, job, phase of life, etc. that looms (what else?) over you, clouding your view of the future. I can't just ignore this, you say to yourself, so you try to overcome your dread, by painting a vivid picture of the L.O. in your mind and then spending half your waking moments , analyzing and living it out. Haha, good luck. The day before your L.O. you'll be completely deluded.
On a serious note, I think 1 was genuine enough to carry over to the next edition of the Garbage Man, but on 2 my tiredness and writer's block started kicking in and I'm not sure what to make of it.
Before I close, I want to mention that I've been thinking more about Hebrews and it makes more sense, but it'll be a little bit before I can write clearly about it. The same goes for this post, actually, but it's a little less serious so I should be able to get through it easier.
A toast: I toast to clear thinking, though not while beer drinking; I wish I could be more serious, but tiredness has left me delirious; here's to the future, when my ramblings will better suit yer..... needs; and yes this rhyme is just awful, like that Arab dish falafel; and dear goodness gracious, I'm hoping it ain't contagious.
God bless you all
Sam L.

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